The vast majority of well-known trademarks do not produce perfumes themselves. They are only customers. They buy the fragrance from the manufacturer, order the “assembly” of fancy packaging and bottles in the factories of PRIVATE LABEL, give beautiful brand names, make multi-million advertising and ask for a lot of money for their product.



When buying perfumes in retail chains, we pay for:


Brand (brand name)

This item is at least 20% of the cost.


Bottle and packaging

As well as the cost of the design development of the bottle and packaging. All this takes at least 20% of the cost. Many bottles are works of art. They are made of expensive varieties of glass with the addition of plastic and metal, have a variety of spraying and engraving - we pay for all this.




It is about 40% of the cost of the fragrance. No one would know the trademarks if there were no advertisements. Advertising aromas - this is television, glossy magazines. Plenty of TV stars, show business and sports celebrities appear in the advertising.



Logistics – 10%.



The fragrance

what we directly apply to ourselves, is only 10% of the cost of a bottle with a scent!



The margin of the store – up to 100%





ROCHALUR Company buys fragrances from the same manufacturers as well-known brands but puts them in simple, inexpensive, but exquisite packaging and bottles, while making a small markup.


Since we cooperate directly with the manufacturers of fragrances and components, as well as have our own European production,

our Clients do not pay for:

for the brand


for the design
of the bottle and packaging

On the bottles and packaging, you can see the company logo, as well as the number of the fragrance

for advertising

Advertising of our product occurs through recommendations

markup of the trade network



When purchasing fragrances from ROCHALUR, you only pay for the fragrance itself, transportation and storage costs. Thus, it is possible to either save on purchases, becoming a Client or earn money by making recommendations of a product, becoming a Partner.



The total cost of aroma from the company ROCHALUR is 4-5 times more affordable than the offer of retail chains.



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