How to become a partner

ROCHALUR partners are successful and modern people who operate within the company's business system, supporting its values and principles. These people want to change their lives for the better through the partnership with ROCHALUR.


When registering as a Partner, the Candidate must have a Mentor in the person of the current Partner of the company. Registration is the completion of the registration form on the official website with confirmation of the link by the Applicant, which is sent after registration to the email indicated by him.


A mentor is a working partner of the company who introduced you to the company and made you an offer of cooperation. If you know the company’s mentor, then you need to contact him, and he will help you register as a Partner.




If you learned about the company on your own and you do not have a Mentor, the company will provide you with a Mentor Partner from your region.


To provide a Mentor, you need:


variant 1.

Contact the nearest company’s Service Center


variant 2.

Write a letter about giving you a mentor - admin@rochalur.com


variant 3.

Or register in the “Partner Registration” section on the company's official website
(Attention! Select the “NO” checkbox in answer to the question “Have you been invited?”)



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