ROCHALUR — is an international European company with its own production, developing its experience through innovative and advanced landmarks.

Why the beauty industry and the promotion of cosmetics and perfumes?

More than 7 billion people live in the world and almost all brush their teeth, wash up and use cosmetics and perfumery.


In recent years, a high price is not always the quality. This became ROCHALUR’s reason and aim, according to which it develops in the beauty industry. It is an opportunity to realize the desire of the absolute majority to acquire high-quality cosmetics and perfumes at an affordable price.


Our mission is based on three fundamental principles:





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To create products of the highest and impeccable quality, ROCHALUR cooperates only with well-established suppliers and specialists from around the world.


ROCHALUR has its own European production, which is equipped with the most advanced equipment that allows you to control product quality at all stages of production.


All products offered by ROCHALUR are certified and complied with global norms and standards, and have excellent feedback from leading experts in the field of cosmetics and perfumery.

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We give our Partners the opportunity to start their own business with a high perspective, without risk and significant investments.
The focus of the company is a man who has decided to change his life for the better. All activities are aimed at the success of Partners, their dynamic development within the framework of the ROCHALUR business system. Our marketing plan, training system, Mentors' professionalism, motivation programs, additional promotions and gifts will help you in a short time achieve great success, regardless of experience and time worked at the company.

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Unlocking the potential of each Partner is possible only in a team of like-minded professionals whose activities are based on the observance of uniform rules for conducting business and a unified system of training.
The professionalism of the ROCHALUR team contributes to the consistent business development of all participants and the preservation of the integrity and stability of the structures.


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